Who is NP Design & Marketing?

NP Design & Marketing is a company founded byPeter Nemukula, a young, dynamic, experienced and committed professional graphic designer dedicated to meeting and exceeding his customer’s expectations.

After graduating from college achieving a Diploma in graphic design, Peter started business as a freelance graphic designer, and that is how NP Design & Marketing was born.

Since them, the company has gone from strength to strength, with a wealth of experience built over the years working in the creative industry building and developing brands. We create marketing material that increases brand awareness and thus increases business. NP Marketing & Design ALWAYS delivers on budget and on time

Strategic Partners

We work with a handful of companies and individuals to provide our clients with the most comprehensive solutions

Thinking Of Using A Large Design Studio?

So what about using an agency / Studio? Remember the design agency / studios have their own premises to pay for and this will definitely reflect on your bill. They also have Directors, Account Managers and junior designers each with their own ideas, spins and interpretations to confuse the message of your business goals.

When client enlists the help of a creative freelancer they are creating a one-to-one relationship. They now know who to phone or email about the project and will get quick answers with a consistent, reliable and personal service every time.